A few of the advantages of working with Green Gas:

  • Rapid value to cash: From engineering to effective drainage and realization of first energy, we use less development time due to our experience, which result in earlier start of operation.
  • Reduced complexity: Professional gas management is challenging due to many variables that can change. Clear focus and reducing complexity result in stable and high output.
  • Operational Excellence: The pro-active control room of Green Gas optimizes operations, reduces down-time and manages all maintenance.
  • Maximize revenues: Clear focus on improving output with experience and know how on the operations will improve revenue streams on shorter notice.
  • Safety track record: Sustainable gas drainage results in the best possible working conditions for the mining operations and the environment.
  • Robust experience: 40 years experience and solution leadership have resulted in a robust track record in Europe and the Americas.
  • Investment strength: Green Gas is open to cooperate in accordance to client structure and requirements based upon partnership.

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