Coal Mine Gas

We realize more energy from your Coal Mine Methane.

In coal mines there are significant quantities of polluting and harmful methane (CH4) present. Methane (CH4) is a natural resource that can pollute the environment but also provides excellent opportunities to be mitigated into a sustainable & future proof energy source. Green Gas is uniquely positioned with subsurface know how on gas drainage and experience on the gas engine which enable better mine safety and ultimately higher coal production. Our expertise provides solutions that will increase underground mine safety, support coal production, generate higher gas output and better operational results. Our solutions consist of several valuable services:

Our engineering team develops a customized solution based upon the client situation. Depending on the gas quality, mine location, state and structure of the mine the best solution is developed.

Build & Invest:

We have extensive expertise in underground drilling and the development of optimal gas drainage system. After this the Combined Heat & power unit (CHP) is installed and the connection to the grid is arranged. Green Gas operates as a preferred partner with capability to participate by investing in the project.

Operate & Maintain:

We realize optimal gas drainage and energy generation and maximize realized outputs: power, heat and optionally carbon credits. During the operation the Green gas control room monitors all activity to ascertain stable and successful operations.

Our expertise and knowledge result in valuable innovation. We have a unique position, being capable to develop energy projects in actively mined areas and low methane containing mines (CH4 content that run even below 20%).

Reasons to cooperate with GreenGas