Company Profile

Green Gas International B.V. is an international organisation that specializes in the conversion of harmful methane emissions from coal mines, landfills and biogas sites into clean energy. Founded in 2005, Green Gas has grown rapidly through natural growth and a series of mergers and acquisitions. Green Gas has over 50 years of international experience, which results in world-class fully integrated solutions for coal mine methane and landfill gas projects. Green Gas currently operates over 40 projects in Europe, with an electrical power capacity of around 60MW supporting the global drive towards renewable energy sources.

Focus areas of operations with solid market positions are Eastern Europe and Germany. With a strategy focused on realizing value for our clients by developing green energy projects, Green Gas is constantly looking for new gas sources to develop or optimize. The in-house know how on gas management & gas upgrade combined with growing demand for cleaner fuels provide an excellent base to expand in new projects and markets.

Our team of international experts is drawn from a variety of backgrounds including mining, energy, power, gas management and environmental protection. Green Gas International B.V. is registered in the Netherlands, and has subsidiaries in the Czech Republic and Poland and through its ultimate shareholders is affiliated to Green Gas Germany GmbH and Mine Gas GmbH. Green Gas works closely with non-profit organizations such as the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), to help reduce methane emissions from mining and landfill activities and enhance coal mine safety.