GreenGas Services

Track record in developing clear advantages from methane challenges in your landfill

When you are responsible for managing waste and absorbing significant quantities of waste arriving on a daily basis in your facilities, environmental policy and sustainable outlook are important parameters. Landfills generate significant quantities of methane gas. Green Gas International designs, builds and operates methane gas to energy projects globally to strengthen your environmental footprint. Customized cooperation is our philosophy. Combining your and our strengths results in the best outcome, so that you can focus on your core business. We can support you with following activities:

  • Design Methane Waste Gas in landfills exists in a variation of quality, which requires different techniques to properly drain the gas. Green Gas has experienced engineers who design a customized solution to realize the ultimate benefits from your composing waste. Usage of combined heat and power units (CHP) that deliver the valuable clean power to the network is the leading alternative.
  • Build After the design phase, the preparation and construction of the gas collection and drainage system is done. Subsequently the installation of CHPs and connection to the grid is done.
  • Operate Green Gas monitors every operation through its control room and proactively manages all operations and maintenance to maximize results. Green Gas projects are normally operated during a longer period of time. This can vary from several years till decades. During this operation, all methane gas must be treated correctly to generate the maximum amount of clean energy whilst supporting climate change mitigation. During the operations, all polluting and non-methane contents are removed from the gas, in order to run the combined heat and power (CHP) optimally.

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